The Urban Club – 500 Pts For Joining (and It’s FREE!)

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The Urban Spa in Peterborough is launching a new initiative to reward it’s most valued clients… it’s called The Urban Club!

perkvile urban club partnershipThink of this like the Maple Leaf Lounge Club Access at Toronto Pearson or JFK in NYC. The people who get access to these cool clubs get special priveledges and cool deals just because they are part of the club. Now in those cases they may have purchased a $10,000 airline ticket but not in your case. We’ll give you all the details on how you can be part of the The Urban Club without buying a $10,000 first class ticket 🙂

How You Will Earn Points:

  1. Just by joining you get 500 points to get you started (cool eh!)
  2. When you refer a friend you get 1000 points
  3. On your birthday you automatically get 500 points
  4. If you post on facebook or twitter about your visit you get 100 points
  5. You get access to monthly Urban Club Member Specials. This is exclusive, only members gain access
  6. You get an Early Booking Bonus of 10% off (we’ll explain next time you’re in the spa)
  7. You get 5% off on all product purchases
  8. You get 100 points for using our online booking system
  9. You get 5 points for every $1 you spend at the Urban Spa in Peterborough

How You Can Redeem Points:

  1. Redeem 750 points and get FREE nail art add-on for your feet or hands when you book a pedicure or manicure
  2. Redeem 1750 points and get FREE Hot Towel Exfoliation for your hands or feet
  3. Redeem 2000 points and get FREE gel polish upgrade for your hands or feet when you book a manicure or pedicure
  4. Redeem 2500 points and get a FREE refining eye treatment when you book one of our facials
  5. Redeem 3750 points and get a FREE Full Manicure
  6. Redeem 4500 points and get a FREE Urban Express Facial
  7. Redeem 5000 points and get a FREE $50 Gift Card to be used for any service
  8. Redeem 6000 points and get a FREE Mini Pedicure
  9. Redeem 7500 points and get a FREE 60 Minute (Non-RMT) Relexation Massage Treatment

How You Can Join:

You will receive an email from Perkville (our rewards system) after your first treatment inviting you to join. It’s that simple!

Or request an Invitation


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